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B&N Nominated for Supplier of the Year

Bolts & Nuts is proud to announce that Blue Bird Corporation, a longtime partner of Bolts & Nuts, has nominated B&N as a finalist for Supplier of the Year. Bolts & Nuts is 100% committed to improving every customer relationship through a combination of technological advances as well as old fashioned industry “know how” and…
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B&N Donates Uniforms to Local Elementary Schools

This September, B&N purchased uniforms for children of both Eastlake Elementary and Clifton Hills Elementary. The uniforms will be kept at each location and used as replacement clothing for children who are unable to make it to the restroom in time during the 2015 school year.
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B&N Donates Books to Local School

In May, B&N, alongside Goodwill, completed its 2015 Book Drive in which it donated and delivered 575 books to Clifton Hills Elementary School. One book per student was donated so that every child could have the opportunity to take a book home and read over the summer.
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